Business succession

Family business

Succession is a natural and inevitable part of any family business. We will guide you through the entire process of transferring competences and property within the family business. With years of experience in transferring family businesses and property, we can help you define the expectations and goals of the family as a whole, as well as its individual members. We consider this to be absolutely essential for the successful transfer of business responsibility within the family. We can also help you establish and set up a family council or draft a family constitution, in which the family defines its values, goals and intentions in the management, use and transfer of family property.

Efficient structure

Our high degree of multidisciplinary expertise in legal, tax and economic areas enables us to help you create an effective family business structure, including family holdings, trusts or family foundations. Inheritance planning and setting up matrimonial property regime is an integral part of ensuring the protection and continuity of family property.

If transferring the business within the family is not possible or desirable, we will show you other possible options, such as selling the company so that the revenues from the sale continue to serve the family’s long-term needs and are protected against future risks.

Safe and effective handover of business competences
Protection and continuity of property values for future generations
Structuring and establishing family holdings, trusts and family foundations
Setting up the functioning of a family council, drafting a family constitution
Matrimonial property regimes, inheritance planning