Purchases, sales and transformations of companies (M&A)

Selling a company

When selling a company or bringing in an investor, we are committed to ensuring the best terms and conditions for our client, including the highest buy price, and a smooth and efficient transaction, free of any complications. We help prepare the company for sale, find a suitable buyer or investor, compile the necessary documents, prepare economic analyses and design the optimal structure of the transaction, taking into account various tax and economic aspects, all leading to a successful sale of the company.

Purchasing a company

When purchasing a company, we are here to help find the right company that best matches the requirements and intentions of our clients. Talers’ specialist advisors will design a strategy for the purchase and ensure that the entire process is successful. We will conduct a thorough legal, tax and economic due diligence of the target company. We will design an appropriate transaction structure. Then, we will prepare and help negotiate the contractual documents. We will provide support in obtaining external financing as well as after-sales restructuring.

Transformation of companies

We also handle company transformations of all types: mergers, de-mergers by spin-off and changes of legal form. We often carry out transformations when setting up holding structures or in connection with the purchase and sale of companies.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
Multidisciplinary support in all key areas throughout the entire process of purchases and sales
Preparation of analyses, legal, tax and economic due diligence
Legal consultancy in the preparation and negotiation of transaction documents
Economic, financial and tax consultancy, valuation and analysis of companies
Complete implementation of transformations – merger, de‑merger or change of legal form