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Partners for your business journey.

Talers background

We are Talers, a boutique consulting group

We are Talers, a boutique consulting group specialising in M&A transactions, business succession and corporate and business consultancy. Our team consists of experienced attorneys-at-law, tax advisors and economic analysts.


Follow updates on legislative amendments and keep up with the fast pace of regulatory developments. It will allow you to address new challenges and adapt to applicable legislation.

Our clients

Thanks to our multidisciplinary focus, our local and international clients can benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of premium consultancy services.

Naši klienti

Naši klienti získávají s Talers přístup k multioborovému zaměření a využití komplexního portfolia prémiových poradenských služeb.

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Areas of expertise

We specialise in a wide range of services in the field of sales of companies, investments and asset management. With our experienced team, we provide professional legal and consultancy support to ensure the best terms and conditions and smooth transactions.