Family office

Administration of property

At Talers, we know that family and time are priceless.

That is why we provide our clients with the services of a family office, i.e. services related primarily to the administration of property and family affairs.

We advise families and family businesses not only in the field of investments and property management, but also in relation to the legal and tax aspects of property management and intergenerational property transfer. With our experience in family administration, law, tax and business, we help our clients not only to create a long-term stable financial background, but also save their valuable time.

Comprehensive service

At Talers, we not only provide a one-off solution to specific life situations (whether pleasant or unpleasant), but we also offer our clients long-term solutions to their family’s property and personal issues. Talers’ clients benefit from a comprehensive service, including regular reports on the status of their investments and property.

Full confidentiality

An important aspect of the work of Talers advisors is the individual approach to each client while maintaining full privacy and confidentiality. Our advisors understand that every family and every business is unique and needs tailor-made solutions. Therefore, they try to understand their clients’ needs and goals as much as possible and then propose the most suitable solution.

The best choice

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner to manage not only your property but also your family affairs, Talers Consulting Group is the best choice. You can rest assured that your financial and family affairs are in good hands, managed with your needs and goals in mind.

Family office services
Comprehensive services in the field of property and family affairs management
Family office services for family businesses and families who need comprehensive and individual approach to managing their finances, property and family affairs
Investment consultancy
Individual approach to each client while maintaining full privacy and confidentiality